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MovieSpot - Remote Control;

Remote control programs like Girder, WinLIRC, IR Assistant or bRemote can send Windows messages to the player. The code of the message should be WM_USER (3024). The message has 2 parameters: WParam and LParam. Here are the values for WParam and the action in player depending on the window that is opened.

WParam Main / Equalizer / Color Control / Playlist / Video window File open/save dialogs Messages/Settings windows
1 open movie
2 open subtitle
3 play return key pressed return key pressed
4 pause backspace key pressed escape key pressed
5 swicth play/pause
6 stop escape key pressed escape key pressed
7 previous up arrow key pressed up arrow key pressed
8 next down arrow key pressed down arrow key pressed
9 rewind shift+tab pressed left arrow key pressed
10 forward tab key pressed right arrow key pressed
11 fast rewind
12 fast forward
13 switch repeat modes
14 volume +
15 volume -
16 preamplification +
17 preamplification -
18 fullscreen switch
19 increase subtitle font
20 decrease subtitle font
21 move subtitle up
22 move subtitle down
23 panscan +
24 panscan -
25 panscan off
26 automatic panscan
27 move image up
28 move image down
29 move image right
30 move image left
31 center
32 minimize
33 mute on/off
34 aspect ratio original
35 aspect ratio 16:9
36 aspect ration 4:3
37 aspect ratio 1
38 aspect ratio free
39 movie mode
40 brightness +
41 brightness -
42 add bookmark
43 clear bookmarks
44..52 activate bookmarks 1..9
53 go to start
54 go to end
55 show/hide playlist
56 show/hide main windows
57 subtitle time correction +
58 subtitle time correction -
59 enable/disable subtitle
60 automatic shutdown
61 always on top
62 quick time/frame info
63 panscan -50
64 panscan 200
65 up in playlist
66 down in playlist
67 run selected movie in playlist
68 move up selected movie
69 move down selected movie
70 delete selected movie
71 dynamic amplication
72 zoom cycle

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