Software Set


Software Set is not the name of a software company, but the name of the reunited software found on this site. The software is free of charge only for the non-profit use case. The use or distribution of the programs for material advantages will have to be made with our written approval.

USBFillSpace - History

Moment of appearance

The idea was to create a player of small sizes, that would work on older operating systems, not to consume many resources, with functions to satisfy the needs of the common user and that would be developed at request. Initially it was created for Romanian users, but it was also translated in English. To our surprise, shortly after we published it on the internet, we were contacted by various persons (nationalities) requesting us to translate the menus and functions in other languages. So it became an international player, at this moment being available on various sites. The source code, as well as the program, is free, and whoever is skilled in programming (good knowledge of Delphi, however, being necessary) and wishes to develop the program, will find the source code in the download page.

The developers of the programs existing on this site do not assume responsibility for caused damage through software usage or that of the offered instructions. The displayed and available for download data and pieces of information come free of charge as long as they do not bring profit to the user. On this site, you will not find illegal and/or warez software and pieces of informations. We don't not offer any guarantee or assurance that the existing programs are appropriate to any particular purpose, whatever that may be.